'Before visiting The Nutritional Therapy Company, I'd experimented with several different weight loss diets and attempts at 'healthy' eating. Admittedly, I did lose some weight, but found the constant counting of points and calories very monotonous. I'd hit a brick wall, constantly feeling tired and sluggish. Furthermore, a long-term battle with PCOS was beginning to ruin my life. I'd taken conventional medicine to help manage the symptoms, but hadn't noticed significant improvements. I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to ensure that what I was eating was healthy. Ultimately, I wanted a nutritionally balanced plan that would help me lose weight, but also address the issue of PCOS.
​Upon contacting The Nutritional Therapy Company, I spoke with Caroline. She asked me to explain my main concerns and listened as I explained. I felt heard and that in itself was refreshing. I booked a date for my initial consultation and received a detailed consultation form and food diary.
The consultation itself was in-depth, but very relaxed and thought provoking. Caroline provided in-depth information about my concerns and how various diet and lifestyle factors could be making my symptoms worse. We discussed many things, including the importance of essential fats for hormone regulation (I'd been following a strict fat free diet for years), blood sugar balance, vegetable portion sizes and the importance of hydration. At times, the information provided was very scientific, but Caroline put it across in a way that was clear and easy to understand. She went on to suggest some immediate changes that I could make and together we formed some personal goals. She even recommended some supplements that I could take, alongside the diet, to help better address my concerns.
​Within 24 hours, Caroline emailed me a comprehensive plan based on the goals we had discussed during the consultation. After going food shopping, I put the plan into place immediately.
Admittedly, it took some time getting used to the plan, but as the weeks went on, food shopping and cooking became easier. I enjoyed experimenting with new ingredients and trying foods that I hadn't tasted before. It opened my eyes to how poor my diet once was.  Through the course of the 5 weeks after my initial consultation, I found Caroline to be attentive and understanding, answering any questions I had and offering words of encouragement.
After those initial 5 weeks, I returned to The Nutritional Therapy Company for my first follow-up consultation. We discussed how I'd been getting on with the initial plan (including any difficulties I'd experienced), improvements I'd observed and how I could make further changes to continue my improvements. Once again, I found Caroline to be extremely supportive and knowledgeable.
10 weeks on from my initial consultation and I'm noticing more improvements as the weeks progress. I feel more energetic, no longer experiencing bouts of tiredness during the day, my mood and menstrual cycle have improved and the excessive hair growth on my face (a classic symptom of PCOS) is now finer. Since changing my eating habits, I've also lost nearly a stone in weight.
I'm looking forward to my next follow-up consultation to make even more improvements and wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Nutrition Therapy Company to anyone who wants to improve their health.'

N. Law

'I was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease a few years ago. Following my diagnosis, I was given a diet sheet by the hospital consultant and began to follow the advice immediately. Within a few weeks of following the advice, my symptoms had not improved. In fact, at times, my symptoms were much worse. I was in a lot of pain and often had diarrhoea so badly that I was reluctant to go out, even to visit friends. On recommendation, I decided to seek the help of a Nutritional Therapist and booked a consultation with Caroline at The Nutritional Therapy Co.
The day of my initial consultation turned out to be a major turning point. Within half an hour of starting my consultation, I was sharing everything about my diet and lifestyle, both past and present. I felt so comfortable doing this, as Caroline seemed to be the first person who really understood what I was going through and explained in-depth how poor dietary and lifestyle choices, as well as a history of anxiety, may have contributed to certain changes in the wall of my bowel, significantly influencing the severity of my symptoms. I felt like I'd found the missing jigsaw piece to my puzzle.
The day after my appointment, I received a detailed nutrition plan covering everything we'd discussed the previous day. The plan included an explanation of why it was important to include or avoid certain foods and listed all the goals we'd devised together.
In all honesty, I really had to change my approach to eating. Caroline advised me how certain foods can promote inflammation within the bowel, causing symptoms of pain and diarrhoea. She also advised me how certain foods can help to counteract the effects of stress on the body.
Since making the recommended changes to my diet and lifestyle, I'm now symptom free and even find that I'm sleeping much better than I used to. My bowel movements have returned to normal and I no longer experience any pain. I feel more confident in myself and am enjoying socialising with friends once more. I now have regular follow-up consultations with Caroline to ensure that my overall health remains optimal.'

​L. Neale

What Clients Say


'I had Caroline visit me yesterday for my initial consultation to help me with a few health issues I have going on at the moment. She was amazing! She talked through and explained everything to me so I have a clear understanding of what is going on in my body and what I need to do to correct it. By the end of the day I had all the information emailed to me providing me with the tools I need to get started on my journey with her to aid my recovery. I will update in a few weeks time with my progress but first impressions are a beautiful lady who is extremely knowledgable in her field, has an empathy as to what you are experiencing and even more importantly can offer the guidance and passion to help you out. Highly, highly recommend!'

C. Withers