About Caroline

Caroline is a registered and experienced Nutritional Therapist. With the application of nutritional science, her patient centred approach to health care is totally unique. Caroline's passion for nutrition and its ability to enhance health and wellbeing has enabled her to support many individuals with numerous health concerns. She is registered and regulated by the British Association for Applied Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

Nutrition Clinics 

Caroline currently runs two nutrition clinics within the West Midlands. To book a consultation with Caroline, please click here and complete the relevant form. Alternatively, you can email Caroline directly at inspiration@carolinemyatt.co.uk. 

Client Testimonials

New Beginnings 

Caroline's journey into nutrition began in 2008 when her mother started complaining of horrific stomach pains. Her mother's symptoms persisted week after week and fears emerged as to what could be causing such severe pain.  After seeking medical advice and following several medical examinations, Caroline's mother was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease; a disease characterised by small pockets (diverticuli) that develop in the lining of the large intestine, that can become inflamed. What Caroline didn't realise at the stage of her mother's diagnosis, was the sheer lack of long-term medical treatment available for Diverticular Disease. Although her mother's symptoms improved marginally under medical guidance, the level of improvement was not significant and symptoms inevitably continued and began destroying the life of a lady who was otherwise very much a confident and sociable individual. That in itself prompted Caroline to look further into the condition, referring initially to literature focused on nutrition for disease and ultimately embarking on a three year study programme in Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. The course was very in-depth, with a particular focus on nutritional science. During the three years, Caroline had the privilege of being lectured by some of the worlds leading figures in Nutrition, as well as taking part in over 200 hours of clinical practice. Her studies and subsequent research have prompted Caroline to rethink her relationship with food and the concept of food as merely fuel. Her mother has since embarked on her own nutrition journey, making significant dietary and lifestyle changes. She is now symptom free and enjoying life! Caroline now in a position where she can support other individuals on their journeys towards better health and is thrilled to be sharing her passion for healthy eating.

"I was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease a few years ago. Following my diagnosis, I was given a dietary advice by the hospital consultant and began to follow it immediately. Within a few weeks of following the advice, my symptoms had not improved. In fact, at times, my symptoms were much worse. I was in a lot of pain and often had diarrhoea so badly that I was reluctant to go out, even to visit friends. On recommendation, I decided to seek the help of a Nutritionist."

L. Neale

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